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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the importance of creating a private limited company?

Yes, it is important. There will be some investors called Angel Investors, these people will always try to invest amount on start up companies, new leaders like you. If you have fire to develop a company then, you need these angel investors support. In order to make it happen, your company should be registered as a private limited company.

Coming bank loans for your company, bank managers also see your company’s financial position, taxation, auditing, salaries, profits, losses and from how many years you are running a company etc., So for all these, it should be a private limited company.

Is it mandatory to register a Private Limited company to run my business?

Yes, mandatory, by considering the above cases, you need to register your company as private limited only.

Is it too expensive to start a Private Limited Company?

It is really not that much expensive, find a better CA and explain your financial situation, budget, business range. He will show you the better suggestions.

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